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Just Four Kicks Card Game

Just Four Kicks is the party game for those who love to make fools of themselves and watch others do the same. Think of it as a mix between Charades, Pictionary, Catch Phrase, and general debauchery. 

  • A goofy party game for people who love to laugh at themselves, and others

  • Perfect for game nights, family gatherings, work functions, and rowdy nights with friends. Also works as an icebreaker that everyone won't hate

  • 20-40 minute game | Ages 15+ but easily adapted for all ages | 4+ players | 300 unique topic cards

  • Seattle Times 2018 Gift Guide: Top Tabletop Game Pick | Best seller at Seattle’s favorite book store Elliot Bay Book Company

  • Four ridiculous rounds where you have to get your team to guess as many cards as possible

  • Started by a bunch of University of Washington Seniors and now owned and operated by me!